Monday, May 19, 2008

traveling like crazy!

Jon and I will be leaving on 23rd Birthday....and driving down to Houston for my sister's graduation. We will be in Texas from May 22nd-May 28th. From there we will be traveling to our future home of Metairie, LA to find a place to live and visit the school job will be working at. We will be in Louisiana from May 28th-29th. From there we will be traveling to STL for Aaron/Katie wedding party madness! We will be in STL from May 30th-June 1st or 2nd! Just letting everyone know where we'll be!

My sister Laurel got into town on Thursday and will be staying with us and driving down to Texas with us. We are having fun and relaxing while we can!

Hope everyone has a great day! Love ya'll!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

my little birdies!

I am so excited because a mama bird decided that my hanging basket of flowers on our porch was the best spot to start her nest. It started with two eggs last week and it's up to five now! I think she is done laying eggs, but it is just to neat!

Friday, May 2, 2008


We are sooooooo excited that we received a phone call today! Jon found out that he will be receiving a call to Metairie, LA as the athletic director at Lutheran High School! We will be going to visit in the next couple of weeks and we'll keep ya'll posted! Thanks for all of the prayers! Love ya'll!

This is our excited face!