Thursday, October 29, 2009


...that is one word that describes my sister-in-law Rachel! If you are in the St. Louis area and are looking for a photographer she is the one! Whether it's couples, senior photos, newborn, or family she is the one to call (especially with Christmas around the corner: present ideas and Christmas cards)!! She is very easy to work with, it just feels like we're all hanging out while getting amazing pictures taken at the same time! I'm not just saying this because she is my sister and I love her; the proof is the the photos....see for yourself below and also check out her blog!

Friday, October 23, 2009

I won!

I WON!! I can't believe it; I never win anything! I've been entering this birthday celebration and finally won! The Quilting Cat's blog is so much fun to visit as I am a quilter and cat lover! I won a Moda jelly roll- Garden Inspirations and two patterns! WOO HOO! I will post photos as soon as I get it! Happy Birthday!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Xavier's Bag

Today I made a trick-or-treat bag for my 2 year old nephew Xavier! Here are some photos!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Almost There...

I organized my craft space today; it's about 90% finished! Here is what I need to do....

-Make a larger table/ironing space (you'll see what I mean after I make one)

-get a rug (that's Jon's job-he can get a broken one from work, we just have to wait for someone to break one)

-hang cork board squares on the wall (like how I had them in New Orleans)
Not too much left to do, just playing the wait game. Here are some updated photos from today!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Project

Turning our garage into half storage and half sewing/craft room!!! WOO HOO!! I've decided that our guest bedroom is too small to have a queen size bed and all of my sewing/craft adventures all in the same place. Today I tackled cleaning and reorganizing the garage as well as putting up two shelves all by myself! (Jon has a softball game tonight and couldn't help, plus I wanted to get this done today). Here are some before and after photos!
Before view from door

Before view from outside

Before View of craft area

View from door

View from outside

New space created for my sewing table and craft bins

New Shelves


Monday, October 19, 2009

Johnson's Shut-In and Taum Sauk Mountain

Yesterday Jon and I went to Johnson's Shut-In and Taum Sauk Mountain in Southeast Missouri. From our house it only takes about 30-45 minutes to get there. It has been so beautiful around here lately with all of the leaves changing! All of the gorgeous reds, yellows, oranges and puts me in a good mood! Here are some photos from yesterday (I probably took around 150) but don't worry I won't post them all!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Quilt Market

Quilt Market was awesome! Alayna and I drove down to Houston, Texas last Thursday and drove back up to Missouri on Wednesday! I left feeling inspired, tired, excited, and wondering where the week went! We had sooo much fun at Market and helping at my mom's shop, I don't know how we did it, but we managed to get through market all on Monday! We went on Sunday just to look at the quilts on display and that left Monday for the booths! SunFlower Quilts has had a busy week with visitors from all over! Here are some pictures of our Market adventures!

Alayna and I

Mom in front of the fabric elephant! This guy was so cute! When you put your hand in front of his nose he makes a kissing noise!

Texas Quilt!

Sunflower Quilt!

This peacock had feathers and everything!

By far the most exciting part of Market was meeting Amy Butler! I LOVE Amy Butler and have for some time now! Not only are her fabrics and designs amazing, but she was so incredibly nice! Meeting her made the entire Market for me! Definitely go check out her website and all her cute new stuff!! Amy Butler's Website

Amy Butler and I!

This bag is her Birdie Sling Bag that I just love! It was super easy to make and it's just an all around cute bag!