Thursday, June 21, 2012

Quilt, Birds and a Nursing Cover

I've been pretty busy around here with Memorial Weekend, Father's Day, and a bunch of projects I'm working on! 
First up, a local high school girl contacted me and asked if I would quilt her first quilt.  I was so excited for her and said of course!  She brought me her quilt and I was so amazed that she did a log cabin quilt and that it's a long twin sized quilt.  She made it over the course of this past school year as part of her home ec class, how awesome is that?!?!  That's so exciting to hear that home ec is still happening and that she chose to do a quilt!! Emily, you're awesome!  Hopefully she'll read this so if she does leave her a comment telling her how AWESOME her first quilt is!!!

While I was outside taking photos of Emily's quilt, I noticed baby sparrows poking their heads out of their bird house!! They are so cute and I was able to get a couple shots of them before they hid back inside!

And last but not least, my mom made me a nursing cover that you can see HERE back when Jared was born.  My sister-in-law Rachel liked it so much that she asked if I would make her one for their upcoming trip to California. Rachel picked this pretty batik fabric for it and I think it turned out great; hope you like it Rachel!
 Let me just say, for those of you who nurse or are going to nurse your children, nursing covers are a MUST!  Especially now that Jared is older and grabs EVERYTHING, the nursing cover is great because even if he grabs it he can't pull it off with the strap around my neck!  I highly recommend getting/making one if you plan to nurse your children!  ***It also makes a great gift for a baby shower*** If you want to make one for yourself or a friend, I used this tutorial and it worked great!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Caught up and a pouch!

A bunch of us girls get together after the STLMQG meetings and have a little Bee going on.  I love this group of girls and have such a fun time with ya'll!  They are some amazing quilters and you should check out their blogs!  I love you ladies!
 This is the last month to wrap up the year and then we will start up again in the fall.  I've been a little behind on my blocks after Jared was born and this week I FINALLY got caught up!! Whoop whoop! 

First up, there are Cara's Circle of Geese Blocks!! Check out her blog, because she's got a great tutorial over there on these bad boys!  They were super fun, and I totally forgot how much I like to paper piece!

Next, we have Jessica's blocks.  She LOVES pleats of all kind and asked that we make two improv blocks that included some sort of pleat.  She provided the solids and we added the colorful scraps!  I hope you like them Jess!!

Then, there is a block for Lynne.  She provided all of these fabrics and asked that we make one giant block.  She is making a quilt for a friend and I'm not sure if I can mention it on here because I believe it's a surprise.

Lastly for the Bee blocks, Mary Claire came up with this awesome block and it was really fun to make.  She provided all the FMF fabrics and we made one giant (I believe 20") block.  Hope ya like it MC!

Also, I whipped up this cute pouch today for a graduation party we're going to this weekend.  My husband is a high school teacher, so needless to say we get invited to lots of parties.  Lucky for me, my sister-in-law is best friends with this girl's sister, so I was able to sneakily find out her favorite colors!  This park slope fabric I had was exactly what her favorite colors are, so I hope she likes it!

By the way this is my Cathedral Windows Pouch tutorial. It comes together pretty fast; I was able to assemble it during Jared's naptime today. 
Speaking of which, my little man is teething and not taking as good of naps anymore and just becoming a little fussy.  My poor baby!  We have teething tablets and gel teethers which help some.  Do ya'll have any suggestions for this first time Mama to help his pain?  Thanks and have a great weekend!!