Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sweet Nyla!

LOTS of babies being born in the Mueller Family lately! Congratulations to my Sister-in-law Rachel and her husband Matt who welcomed Nyla Kathleen on February 19th!  She has two brothers, Xavier and Jordan, who I'm sure you recognize as I talk about them a lot on my blog!  Nyla and Jared are only five weeks apart! How fun is that going to be? I can't wait to watch them grow up together!
Here are some photos of my adorable niece and her two quilts!
Photo courtesy of her Mommy Rachel!

Here is the quilt that I made for Nyla!  Her nursery is sock monkey themed and this is the fabric that Rachel chose to go with it!  It's MoMo's Wonderland!  I stocked up and hoarded this fabric line from when it came out a few years ago just waiting until Rachel had a little girl because it reminded me so much of her! Doesn't Nyla look absolutely adorable on it?!?!

Here is the scrappy backing of her quilt!

And here are some closeups of the quilting that I did on her quilt!

Here is Nyla's second quilt that my Mom made for her!  My mom pieced the top and I quilted it for her!

This quilt is called Sugar and Spice and the pattern is available HERE! And if you would like the pattern ASAP, it's available in PDF form HERE!

Welcome to the family Nyla!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Thank You!

This past Saturday was my annual STLMQG meeting!  I love this guild, it's so much fun and everyone is awesome! If you live in the St. Louis area and love to quilt and sew, or you're interested in learning please come!  Find out all the info on the STLMQG Blog!

Anywho...there are 9 of us girls that go out to eat for lunch after every meeting and this month (which would have been last month if I wouldn't have given birth on the day of our meeting) they gave Jared a baby shower!  Which was probably more fun this month anyway because then he actually got to be there! How sweet is that? To my surprise, they gave Jared this AMAZING quilt!  I was soooo shocked! It is a double sided Swoon quilt and it's gorgeous!! Thank you so much Cara, Kristy, Mary Claire, Grace, Lynne, JuliAnn, Laura and Jessica, WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!

Look at how GREAT it looks in his nursery!  I can't stop looking at it!  Thanks so much, ya'll are beyond amazing and talented!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Jared's Dresser

So I found this dresser at a thrift store for like $15!  It looked a little scary, but I figured that for $15 I could totally fix it! Here is what is started out looking like!

Gross stains all over it.

Gold handles.

And here is what it ended up looking like after lots of sanding and painting!! My awesome hubby said I should paint the drawers different colors and I'm so glad I took is advice! Those gross gold handles....NO MORE...a little spray paint does wonders!

Here it is in all it's glory in Jared's room!! I'll post photos in the next day or so of Jared's entire nursery! I love his nursery so much and he seems to have fun it in too! Have a happy Monday!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Christmas Quilts

Here are a couple quilts that I made for Christmas!

  The first one was for my one year old nephew Grady! His Daddy coaches football and basketball at Parkway Central High School and their colors are red and black with the colt as their mascot.  So I came up with this quilt for him to use at games!

The second quilt was for Grady's big sister Rylee!  Rylee just turned 11 (WOW when did that happen?) and she is awesome!  When she was at our new house I had her look through all my fabric and pick ones that she liked and these are the ones she chose!  She had no idea why she was picking them either so it was fun surprising her with this quilt for Christmas!  I raw edged appliqued the circles so they would fray the more it gets washed! I love how it turned out and it totally reminds me of my super rad niece!

Monday, February 6, 2012


This week I'm going to attempt to update ya'll with all of the sewing I was doing during December/January for the last month or so while I was pregnant!  That last month really goes by fast and plus I was sewing like a maniac to get everything done that I wanted to!  So keep checking back this week for more quilts and sewing projects!

This Swoon quilt was made for a customer as a Christmas present for her mother in law!  She told me what colors and I went with the Swoon pattern!  This block was super fun to make and by using different fabrics it really made the blocks look completely different!  She told me that she wanted it to fit on a king size bed! This is the largest quilt I have ever made, it finished around 110" square!  I'm 5'3", so you can see how big it really is!  My husband and brother in law who are both over 6 foot had to stand on chairs to hold it up for this photo!  (Thanks guys by the way!) Also, thanks Rachel for the photos!
 Look at that belly!  I miss feeling Jared fluttering around inside my tummy, but I am SO glad that he is out!

Friday, February 3, 2012


Sometime this week I will update my blog with all of the sewing I did for Christmas and the month before Jared was born.  For now I will just share a couple photos!

Jared will be three weeks old tomorrow (WOW that went by fast) and I finally got back into my sewing room today! YEAH!! It felt so good to sew again, and I was very thankful that he likes being in there with me! I embroidered this for my mom right before he was born and I finally finished making the block and framing it today!  So I thought I'd take a photo with my cute little man in it!

I also thought that I would share a couple more photos of my little boy just because I can :)
Here he is sitting up during tummy time, he was a little over one week old here...this boy is super strong!

And here is Jared looking at how handsome he is in the mirror in his crib!  Love him!

Hope ya'll have a great weekend!