Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Houston Quilt Market/Festival and Amy Butler Trunk Show!

Hey ya'll,
I'm back from my Cancun trip (I'll post photos later) and already in Houston...I've been here and week and have been nonstop BUSY getting ready for Market and Festival!  If any of you are planning on going to either Market or Festival we'd LOVE to see ya'll at the shop: SunFlower Quilts so come say hi!!
Link to a map of the shop: www.sunflower-quilts.com/map.htm
I wanted to let everyone know that at the shop we have the Amy Butler Trunk Show and it's AWESOME!!  It's really cool seeing all of her quilts and bags in person; they are so pretty!  Plus, we have some of her fabrics for sale (they're going FAST)!!

I've already made a couple pillows with her Love line and they look so cool!  
The first pillow is applique and the pattern is coming soon!  Here are photos of the front and back.

The next one is going to be a pillow....haven't sewn it together yet but I will post a finished photo later tonight (after I'm done)!   The pattern is also coming and I will let ya'll know when both patterns are ready and in the shop! I just learned the cathedral windows technique and I am obsessed!! One of my mom's customers Evelyn (she's basically family) taught me how to make them yesterday and I LOVE her...she is so good at everything, so THANK YOU EVELYN!!  Patterns are available here.
Hope ya'll like all my crafty stuff and hope to see you at the shop!! Come check out the Trunk Show!!

Here are the finished cathedral windows pillow photos!

Patterns for this completed pillow are available here: http://www.sunflower-quilts.com/store/scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=2370

Our Ruffle Quilt will be in the Moda Bake Shop Booth at The Houston International Quilt Festival: Booth #1938.   If your going to Market or Festival check it out!  If you take a photo please email me a copy...I would love to see it!  (jamiemueller0522@yahoo.com)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Updates and a (short) Break

Hey Ya'll,
First, my hubby and I are going to CANCUN from this Friday-Monday! Can you believe it?  My hubby won the trip through his company and I am SO proud of him!  It was a national sales competition and he was the ONLY Assistant District Manager to WIN in the entire nation!  Is that not the coolest thing ever?  Oh yeah, and the WHOLE trip is paid for! AHHH....I don't feel that fancy to have a trip paid for, but CAN'T wait!!  I just needed to brag about my husband for a little bit because I am SOOOO PROUD of you!! LOVE YOU JON!!  Needless to say I will not be blogging for the next week probably; sorry guys!!  

Second, after we get back I will be hopping in my car and heading down to Houston for Market/Festival and to help out at the shop to prepare for Quilt Festival! By the way, if you're planning on going too our shop, SunFlower Quilts, is only 15 minutes north of downtown and I'd LOVE to meet you!!  Here is a map to the shop! I will be down there for three weeks!  BUSY BUSY BUSY and not sure how much blogging I will get done, but I will try my HARDEST to keep ya'll updated!  Plus, I will be taking TONS of photos to share with ya'll from Market; don't worry!! 

Third, my next Moda Bake Shop project is schedule for November 6th!! YEAH...WOO HOO!  It's called "Awesome" and it's a lap quilt.  I will have a giveaway when it comes out so be on the look out!

Lastly, I made these cute needle holders today out of hexagons (ya'll know how I LOVE hexagons)!  My friend Cara, from STLMQG told me about them and I am so glad she did! Thanks Cara!! Check out her blog it's super cute and inspiring!

Well I guess that's all for now, since I just basically wrote a book on this post :)  Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Bag

I don't have a name for this new bag yet but I thought I'd show ya'll some photos of the new bag I designed today!  Let me know what you think and if you have any name ideas!  Thanks and hope you like it!
Pattern to come soon!



Monday, October 11, 2010

Sewing with Xavier!

 On Saturday, after the second St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild meeting I got some sewing done!  Xavier was over and he was super interested in my sewing machine/bobbins!  Xavier just turned three and he is super curious about everything. He LOVED counting and telling me what color all my bobbins were and it totally made my day!    Then after he had enough bobbin counting he sat right next to me and kept saying "ready.....go" everytime I would stop and start sewing! This was pretty much my favorite sewing day ever! He makes me heart melt :)

My sewing machine after my quilt top was done.  This happened while I was ironing....but look he totally put the purple one in the right spot (since I showed him how to wind a bobbin)  So SMART!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Name Tag

Saturday is our second St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild Meeting....if you live in the area you should come it's so much fun!  Anywho...we decided at our first meeting that we should all make our own name tags and whoever did would have chances to win door prizes!! I love door prizes :)  I can't wait to see everyone's name tags!! I totally forgot until last night and this is what I came up with.  It combines my love for turquoise, hexagons and Tula Pink!



While I was trying to take photos of my new name tag, my sweet little Gibby decided that he loved it and needed to rub his face all over it! Here are a few photos of the cute little face rubber :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Huge News

I just received an email from Moda and they asked if they could display our ruffle quilt in their Moda Bake Shop booth at the Houston Quilt Festival and Market! Can you believe it?  If your going to Market or Festival check it out!  If you take a photo please email me a copy...I would love to see it! (jamiemueller0522@yahoo.com).  Also, if you're going to Market or Festival please come visit my mom and I at the shop, it's located 15 minutes north of downtown Houston!  We'd love to see you!  Thank you so much Moda...it's an honor to have a quilt in your booth; ya'll are awesome!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Nephew's Quilt

The baby shower for my sister-in-law Katie was September 26th so now I can finally post photos on my blog of the quilt I made for our new nephew (due date November 20th).  They chose greens and blues for the nursery and Katie loves circles so here is the quilt that I came up with!  Can't wait to have a photo with our nephew when he is born!

Myself and Katie with the quilt!

The label on the back.

Cute Sneak Peak

Here is a cute sneak peak of my next Moda Bake Shop project!  I'm finishing up the pattern so look for it soon!  Apparently it's cat approved...thanks Ozzie!