Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Little Gibson!

Look at these cute pictures of Gibby laying between my legs on the couch! He is so adorable!

Monday, December 15, 2008


I am finished with ALL of my wrapping for Christmas! I finished shopping on Saturday and on Sunday I wrapped every present that needed to be wrapped! WOO HOO!! What a great feeling to be done (sorry if you get mad after reading this if you're not done) Love ya'll!

I also added a cute picture of Gibby with a Christmas outfit on!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

SNOW in Louisiana!

Well I thought we had more far enough south to get away from the snow. But I woke up this morning and was proven wrong! Check this out I can't believe it!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

N.O. Arena

Lutheran High School Boys Basketball is playing in the New Orleans Arena tonight! This is where the NBA New Orleans Hornets play their home games so the boys are really excited! It will be very exciting to watch Jon coach on an NBA Court! Hopefully this event helps promote Lutheran High School to get more kids interested in attending! There is a Hornets game following the game tonight at 7, so it should be a good turnout! I will be on the court taking pictures so look in the next couple of days to see pictures!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Kitty pictures!

Here are just a couple cute pictures of my cats!

Izzy and Daddy

Ozzie's feet


These pictures are of an actual house decorated for Christmas! This house is the house of the owner of Copeland's (a huge restaurant franchise in New Orleans). It's ridiculous how many lights there are. They actually have tours that you can take and cops watching the house at all times for the Christmas display! WOW!


We went to another Lutheran grade schools auction on Saturday and won some pretty cool stuff! Check out this wall decor we put above the bar area!


I'm not even halfway done with wrapping and I still have a couple people on my list to shop for! But I was able to get some presents wrapped this weekend, which is actually helping the cats away from my ornaments! I'm really digging our paper for this year!

Basketball Girl

As soon as Jon put his basketball bag down, our little girl decided that it would be the best spot to lay in!

Congrats card!

Jon's cousin Matt and his wife Stephanie are pregnant and we just found out! It's their first which makes it really exciting! Made them a congrats card the other day and I think it turned out really cute! I don't know what they're having so I tried to make it gender neutral! Let me know what you think!

Shoulder Update!

Here is where I'm at after week number two! I started work again, which has been more difficult than I thought it was going to be. By the end of the day my arm feels like it's dragging on the floor. In the morning when I wake up, my shoulder is super stiff and I can't move it (even more than I normally can). My wounds are looking better each day and my bruise is becoming smaller each day.

As you can tell by the pictures (that I took last night) my bruise is a lot smaller than it was and my scars are looking much better! I took my last pain pill this morning. I don't take them all the time; I take one before I go to sleep because it's still uncomfortable to sleep and I take one in the morning before school. I called my doctor and left a message with the nurse so that I can hopefully get more just to make it through school! It's getting really difficult to constantly be in a sling! UGH! I hate being confined and dependant on others to do things for me! I'm sure Jon is sick of doing my hair every morning too! : ) Thanks baby, I love you! Other than that, I think I'm doing well. I have a doctor's appointment scheduled on December 22, so I'll see how I'm doing then! Love ya'll!

Two new wreaths that friends ordered!

Here are two new wreaths that people at my school ordered!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New craft table!

When Jon's parents came for Thanksgiving they brought our new kitchen table! So my old table became my craft table! I added the fabric colored cork board squares to give the wall a little color! Let me know what you think!