Friday, February 22, 2008

Okay....sorry to everyone that I suck at this whole every week blog will be MUCHO MUCHO easier when Jon and I have the internet at our house!
Nothing too much has happened since the last I've posted! Jon has been helping coach basketball at Seward High and the season will be over this weekend! Then baseball starts, hich will hopefully bring warmer weather.
Jon and I both got the flu; Jon was out for two days and I was out for about five!! BLAH! I don't remember the last time I had the flu that bad, it definitely kicked my butt!
Jon's resume was sent to Lutheran High School West in Cleveland, Ohio and Lutheran High South in St. Louis, MO! Everyone please pray for us (we are hoping STL), but where ever God wants us we'll go! I'm still working early early early at the Bakery. The kitties are still very silly and love to snuggle!
I guess that's all I know for now!
Love ya'll!