Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mary Kay

Hey Ya'll,
This might be a longer post than normal. I have been waiting to post about this because I wanted to learn as much as possible first. A few weeks ago I became a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. I LOVE IT! The company is awesome and there are so many opportunities to advance! I want to share it with everyone!!!! I wasn't sure how I was going to like it and first, but from the moment I started my enjoyment as kept growing. The women I've met are amazing and it's just fun to be around energetic women who want to help people, and that's what this company is about. What really got me was the MK is based on God first, family second, and business third (How awesome is that)! I'm hoping I can make this a full time job (which would be way LESS hours that my teaching job) and hopefully make the same about of money if not more! I've met many women in MK who have doubled their salaries and my National Sales Director is a millionaire (JUST from MK). I mean, come on, who doesn't want to make more money, work less hours, and have the chance to stay at home and raise your kids (or in my case, when I have kids in the future). Plus, the products are GREAT! I've been using them for a couple weeks (ever since I received my starter kit in the mail) and I LOVE THEM!! This is just an AMAZING opportunity and I want to share it with everyone I love and even with people I don't even know! If you think this might be something you want to look into, just leave me a comment or call me if you have my number!

There is easy online ordering on my website: www.marykay.com/jmueller so go check it out there are TONS of awesome products (and if you try it and realize you don't like it for some reason there is a 100% guarantee on everything) so what do you have to loose?

Here are some photos from my experiences so far!

Me getting my MK pin by my adopted director Theresa!

My babies helping me open my inventory boxes!

My inventory

My inventory closet!!