Sunday, August 16, 2009

It's been a while....

This summer has been ridiculously busy! This post will be a little longer than usual. Here is a timeline of what went on this summer...
This June 1st- Mom shatters her knee cap Mama's lovely knee after surgery!!

June 5th-17th-went to Houston to take care of mom and help with the quilt shop
Jon and I on a boat in Galveston, Tx

My babies relaxing in Houston!!
June 20th-head back to New Orleans
June 21st-Jon goes to STL/Farmington to interview for a new job (was offered the job on the spot)
June 22nd-26th-Jamie helps with VBS at St. John's
June 24th-Jon comes back to NOLA
July 10th-Jon OFFICIALLY gets the new job
July 14th-18th-In Dallas for MK Seminar

July 18th-pick up Laurel to help us pack our house!
July 19th-get back to New Orleans and START packing!
Jessica, Renee, me, and Laurel on Bourbon Street for the last time! :(

July 21st-Our two year wedding anniversary!! (spent packing and sleeping on the floor)
July 22nd-Jon, Laurel, Renee, and I head to Farmington, MO in 2 cars and 1 budget truck
July 25th- Took Xavier to the zoo while Jon helped Matt & Rachel move in

My nephew Xavier!

Xavier and I at the zoo!

July 27th-Went to the arch and Laurel flys back to Houston after helping us unpack/organize
Renee and I at the St. Louis Arch

July 29th-Renee flys back to NOLA after helping us unpack/her summer vacation :) PLUS mom's birthday. Also took Erica to the race car place at the Mills for her birthday Erica in a go-cart for her birthday!
(Jon and I told her she could pick whatever she wanted to do and we would take her and she chose go-carts)
Erica and Jon in go-carts
Jon is obviously super excited about go-carts!

August 1st-Went to the Mueller's Farm
Love this face!

Erica, Xavier and Grandma (ma) skipping

Xavier and his mommy!

Farmboy Jon

Xavier trying to get into the pool and Ma holding on tight!

Xavier and Grandpa (Ba-Paw)
Erica and Xavier BEST BUDDIES!

August 3rd-Jon starts work for Aramark!
August 6th-Our new nephew JORDAN ISAIAH HILL is born!

Our new nephew Jordan!!

August 6th-10th-Jamie flys to Houston for George Strait/Sugarland Concert!!
Laurel and I before the concert
August 10th-Jamie returns to Farmington
August 15th- Jon and I went to Elephant Rocks

So that is how our summer as been going. Yet another summer spent moving...but at least we are close to family (finally)!