Monday, May 24, 2010


So, my 25th birthday was this past Saturday!  I just wanted to tell everyone thank you for making it such a special weekend!! Here is a photo of me and my AMAZING husband (sorry I cut your head off Jon).
This is me and my cutie pootie nephew Xavier at the zoo last week!  I tried to get a photo of us but when I said look at the camera he walked up to the camera :) Love that guy!!

Here is my family at my good friend Cody and Monica's wedding at the beginning of the month! Jon and I, mom, dad, and Laurel
This is just a photo of my pretty flowers in my front yard!

 Here is some of the fabric I got for my birthday!  WOO HOO...LOVE IT!!


Mari said...

Hi, Jamie!!! How are you?!
I am sorry, bute I did not know about your birthday. So, although later, I leave in this message a BIG kiss and a BIG hug to you! I hope your life is always full of wonderfull things and GOD be by your side forever and ever, blessing and protecting you!
I like you so much and never forget you will always have a sincere brazilian friend.
Take care!!!

Mari said...

I loved your family picture!!! All of you will be in an especial place in my heart forever!!!
BIG kisses,