Friday, June 11, 2010

Felt Food Fun

So my little buddy (aka my nephew Xavier) LOVES to "cook" right now!  At his Grandma's house they have a really cool play kitchen and lots of play food.  So his mommy got the idea to make some felt food.  We had such a good time making food for him (at least after both boys went down for a nap).  Here are some photos from our day!

Personalized lunch bags one for Xavier, one for Jordan
Cookies made by Rachel.....didn't she do awesome?  I think these turned out so cute! And they made us want sugar cookies the whole time!

Xavier "cooking"

grilled chicken breast sandwich...we didn't have the right color felt for turkey or ham so we made a healthier choice of grilled chicken breast!
Jordan loves to cook too!!  This carrot is the perfect fit for his little hand!
(by the way I might be totally biased...BUT I think I have the CUTEST nephews EVER!!)

so many options...

peanut butter and jelly!

look at those pickles....that's for you Uncle Jon since you LOVE pickles we
made sure he had some to play with!!

Grilled chicken breast, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles!

Looks like a yummy lunch!


Tomato, Carrot and Strawberries

Love this face!! Thanks X for being a great felt food model!

Hope you enjoy all the food boys....more will be coming!  Love ya'll both tons!!


Mari said...

These vegetables are SO great!!! I want them to my little Daniel too!!!!
You are always a creative person!!!
BIG kisses,

Dana said...

Can't believe you made all that food in only one nap time. Way to go Jamie & Rachel! You guys are incredible!


Dandelion Quilts said...

What a cute lunch and a cute face! I love the felt food...darling.