Monday, October 11, 2010

Sewing with Xavier!

 On Saturday, after the second St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild meeting I got some sewing done!  Xavier was over and he was super interested in my sewing machine/bobbins!  Xavier just turned three and he is super curious about everything. He LOVED counting and telling me what color all my bobbins were and it totally made my day!    Then after he had enough bobbin counting he sat right next to me and kept saying "ready.....go" everytime I would stop and start sewing! This was pretty much my favorite sewing day ever! He makes me heart melt :)

My sewing machine after my quilt top was done.  This happened while I was ironing....but look he totally put the purple one in the right spot (since I showed him how to wind a bobbin)  So SMART!


krisgray said...

Greetings from fenton. Sew cute! Wish my 3 yr old would watch but he likes to pull the fabric and pile it on the floor.