Sunday, November 27, 2011

Quilt Market

This is a little late....but better late than never!!  Here are some photos from Houston Quilt Market!  I'm going to do two posts so there won't be like 30 photos all on one post!

First off here are some photos from Amy Butler's Booth!

Amy Butler and my pregnant self!  All that walking around all day made me feel SUPER pregnant!

Lark fabrics

Those pillows are awesome (Honey Bun Poufs) and gorgeous bags!

Her new line Lark, to me, has a very beachy vibe to it! 

Next up, Anna Maria Horner's Booth!

Anna Maria and I!  Her due date with her first child is my exact due date, how crazy is that?!

Pretty embroidery

This quilt was awesome, it's hard to tell in the photo but all of the yellow are different folds (this photo is for you Jess!)

Her AWESOME couch....I want this at my house please!

I can't remember what booth this elephant was in, but he sure is cute!

Some fun pincushions!!

On to post two.....with pretty quilts!