Monday, March 10, 2014

Customer Quilting

WOW, it's been too long since I've blogged!!! I am going to try and do better, but I am constantly posting on Instagram and Facebook, so find me on there!
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My newest news is that in December I bought a longarm!!! I am so excited to begin this journey! I've been quilting on my domestic machine for years and feel as though I've been able to master FMQ on it. It was getting harder to quilt big quilts and didn't allow me to quilt them effectively and timely.  I spoke with my husband and he agreed that the longarm was the way to go! WOO HOO (that was the hardest part).  I was talking with my good friend Angela, and she joked that I should buy her old machine since she got a fancy new one.  One month later I'm driving across the state in a UHaul to pick up her machine!  

Angela and I, her first machine is now my first machine! 

Here she is all set up in my sewing room! In case ya'll are wondering, it's a Gammill Premier.

I have been quilting like CRAZY since I set her up!  Between the old shop and my mother and I, we had a lot of quilt tops laying around for me to practice on! 

I thought I'd show you some photos of a few quilts I've quilted for customers.  The first two quilts are quilts that I made 100% for customer gifts for Christmas, I will post more photos of these later in a new post, but I'll show you the quilting for now.

Next, this is a quilt I quilted for RJR Fabrics, my mother designed and pieced it and then I quilted it. I'll also do a new post for this quilt with more photos later this week!

Finally, for now, I just finished quilting this quilt for Robyn. Again, I'll post later this week about Robyn's gorgeous quilt with more photos.

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