Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Bee Block Quilt Completed!!

I finally took the time to sew all my awesome bee blocks together from last year.  Every month after our STLMQG meeting, 8 of us go to lunch and swap bee blocks. Each person has an assigned month and every year we have a different theme. Last year when it was your month everyone made the block of your choice with the fabrics provided.  I picked lots of teals and yellows and gray Robert Kaufman Essex linen for the background fabrics. I've never made a quilt with linen just a few tote bags and I really enjoyed working with it. It washed up super soft and is so cozy to sit under! If you've never joined a bee block swap, do it, they're fun and it's a great way to make good friends!

I decided to free motion quilt a fun design on it and practiced my ruler work; I really love how it turned out!

When it came to backing, I found the PERFECT Tula Pink fabric from her Eden line.

In other news, I just received this Oliso Pro Smart Iron and CANNOT wait to try it! Thank you so much Oliso!!!! I will do an honest review on the blog and also a Periscope video so ya'll can watch it live! If ya'll don't follow us on Periscope check us out at @SunFlower_Quilt, we do weekly videos of fun quilty stuff (basically I'm a huge dork who talks a lot)!

Sorry I don't blog as often as I used to. Make sure you follow me on:


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