Saturday, April 4, 2009

Easter Basket Centerpiece Tutorial

Easter Basket Centerpiece Tutorial

Step 1: Get basic supplies. Easter style basket, Styrofoam, different colors of Easter grass (I used pink, green and yellow), pastel flower bundles, egg or other Easter style picks, baby chicks.

Step 2: Put Styrofoam blocks into basket.

Step 3: Stick picks randomly into foam to start filling basket.

Step 4: After picks are all in, randomly place flowers (separate them from their bundles) into foam to fill the edges of basket.

Step 5: Fill in holes with Easter grass (along the edges and in the middle). The Easter grass will hide the green foam.

Step 6: Place chicks in the Easter grass along the edges and middle.

Step 7: You're finished!! Enjoy your beautiful Easter Basket Centerpiece!

Happy Easter!!


Jill said...

I love your center piece and pincushin! What a great job. Boy Daddy is going to want a golf club just like Jon's! Happy Birthday Jon!
Love, Jill and Logan