Thursday, August 12, 2010

Another Hexagon Pouch

What?!?!? Did you think I'd only make one?  These bad boys are addicting! 
 My hubby plays in a men's baseball league and they had a game tonight (which they won WOO HOO!) and as soon as I got home from his game (which I'm the book keeper) I HAD to make another one of these bags! I already used my first bag today; it held all my hexagon supplies during the game so I would have hexagons to make another one or more!!  This blue one is headed down to Houston for my mom so she can have it in the shop!  Hope ya like it mama!  Here are some photos of the new bags and bags was late so I couldn't take any photos outside!


Duff said...

each one s cuter than the last--let us know when thy're in the shop!