Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Quilts

I made a total of 4 quilts for Christmas presents this year ( I know, I know I'm a crazy person!) but they turned out really cute, even if I was finishing hand sewing on binding for the last quilt in the car on the way to church on Christmas Eve :) Here are photos of all the quilts!
Quilt #1 was for my Daddy!!  Back story with this my Dad is retired and now helps my Mom run the quilt shop! With that said, my sister's name is Laurel and this particular line of Moda fabric is named Laurel; he loved this fabric line and pretty much hoarded the entire collection (and I believe my mom had close to every bolt in the store). Not only does he have yardage but he also has multiple charm packs and jelly rolls!  He has not made anything with this fabric because he just wants to keep it in his stash :)  SOOOOO my mom and I sneakily went into his precious Laurel stash and I made an entire lap quilt for him!! He had no idea that we even took any fabric (that's how much he has).  Needless to say he was really excited when he opened up his Laurel quilt on Christmas!!! Oh yeah, and he wasn't upset that we took fabric from his stash :) I love you Daddy, you make me laugh....always have!!!

Dad opening his quilt on Christmas day!!   
Here is a photo of the quilt top before it was quilted.

Quilt #2 was a quilt for my sister-in-law Erica!!  Erica turned 13 this July and decided that she needed to redo her bedroom!! SOOOO I of course said she needed a new quilt!! I took Erica to the quilt shop and she picked out all the fabric I used for the blocks in the center.  This quilt turned out huge because I wanted it to fit on her full sized bed with plenty of room on the sides so she  wouldn't need a bed skirt.  I love how fun this quilt turned out!!!  Thanks for the inspiration Erica, love you!!
Pattern: String quilt
Here is a photo to show how big this quilt really is, my dad on the left is 6'3"!!!

Quilt #3 was a quilt for my nephews Xavier and Jordan.  Their favorite book is Eric Carle's Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See!  I found this Brown Bear fabric back in September and IMMEDIATELY knew that I wanted to make them a quilt for Christmas!!  I love how bright this turned out!!  Right after they opened it, Jordan the 1 1/2 year old, rolled and rubbed is face on it, ran and got a book and sat in his mommy's lap to read a story!! Then the next day, Xavier decided to play a Twister type game with it!!! Awh, how I love those boys!!! They make quilting even more fun!! Thanks for always being my guinea pigs to test out my new quilt ideas boys! :)
the front with all the characters
pattern: I just made up
and the back, just because I enjoy seeing how other people back their quilts!!

Quilt #4 took the longest!  This quilt was for Jon's Grandma Norma who recently had to move to a nursing home because Grandpa Ruben went to live with our Lord in Heaven!!  My husband Jon on the way down to the farm for Grandpa's funeral thought of making a quilt or something with Grandpa's shirts and I thought what a great idea!!  So we gathered a bunch of his shirts and I made a quilt for Grandma's bed at the nursing home!! Grandma has made MANY MANY quilts for everyone so we thought it would be nice to make her a special quilt!    All of the blocks in the center are made from Grandpa's shirts!! It was so awesome when she saw it, she totally knew they were his shirts!!  It was fun at Christmas as a family looking at the quilt and remembering who gave Grandpa what shirts and when he wore what!!  Mueller Family I love ya'll and it was so great seeing ya'll on the farm on Christmas!


Megan @ MiaDolceOriginals said...

Hi Jamie - found your blog through your mom's shop :) Your Christmas quilts turned out great, and I know exactly what you mean about completing the binding on Christmas Eve - I was in the same boat a couple years back. This year I gave myself a break with no handmade gifts - ha! ~Megan

Jamie said...

Nice quilts, Jamie! You are a brave girl making so many for gifts! I'm still finishing some gifts for people I won't see until next week. Hope I get them done before my new baby arrives. Any day now!

Jeannette in St Louis said...

Great Job Jamie on getting all those quilts done! Each one is beautiful, but Grandma Norma's quilt just touched my heart! What a lovely thing to do for her, and how comforting it must be. Have a Happy New Year! JessiMama's Mama.

FabricandFlowers said...

Jamie- such a sweet post. I love your mom's shop. I was just in today signing up for a class and chit-chatting with your dad.