Monday, December 6, 2010

Modern Swappers

I have been SUPER BUSY sewing for Christmas (I'm doing a 95% homemade Christmas this year....geez).  While I can't post any photos of what I'm working on due to my family checking my blog and I don't want them to see anything until Christmas....I can post some photos for my Modern Swappers partner!!
First, let me tell you what Modern Swappers is, because you'll totally wanna join in the next one!  Modern Swappers is a group on Flickr ( where we swap 1 1/2 yds of fabric, a handmade item, and something for your partners sewing area.  You get a secret partner (which makes it even more fun) and during the few months of "create time" we answer questions about our likes and dislikes so we can make something our partner will like!! I just sent my package off and I'm waiting for my partner to get it (I really hope she likes it)  I'll post her blog link after she gets it!  Here is what I sent...
A cute tree wall hanging with a little birdie.

 Close up of the birdie.
 Little birdie pincushion for my partner's sewing room!  Pattern available here

All of the goodies my partner is getting!


Molly said...

Love, love, LOVE that wall hanging! Lucky partner!

AllieKatMom said...

Super cute! I bet your partner will love it!

Jamie said...

Wow! That wall hanging is beautiful! Your partner will definitely be pleased!

Mari said...

your mini quilt is PERFECT!!!
Be sure your partner will love it!!! I would!!! (hahahah...)
Miss you,

Cara said...

your partner is lucky! the miniquilt is awesome. I love the fabric you used.