Friday, January 14, 2011

Sunflower Seeds I Made It! Flickr Group

SunFlower Seeds Flickr Group

I am so excited and inspired by all of the emails I've been getting from you awesome quilters who've made stuff from my tutorials! I love your projects even more and want to make new ones!! Thank you so much for inspiring me! I just made a group on Flickr where you can upload your photos in one place! If you've made something from one of my tutorials/patterns please upload your photo to the group so everyone can see your lovely creations!! Thanks guys!

Either click on the photo above OR click on this link:


Mari said...

congratulations, my dera friend!!! You SO deserve success. Your job is really amazing!!!
I already have my "Sunflower Seeds Pattern". When it is done, sure I will post it on your Flickr Group.
Miss you!
BIG kiss,

Anonymous said...

Love all your new ideas. I just wrote up a pattern for your Mom's last idea Saturday and I know how hard it is to write the patterns. Please keep up the great work. I have made one quilt from your Awesome pattern but haven't gotten it quilted yet. I will try to get you a picture one of these times.
Joyce Mills