Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ice Ice Baby!

I don't know if ya'll have been watching the news lately...but just in case you haven't....this is what's going on at my house in Farmington, Missouri!! UGH!  At least we still have power (for now) so I've been able to sew all day since we're stuck inside! :)

Anyone want to swing??  Didn't think so!

Nope, those arn't frosted mini wheats...

This is me after my walking adventure....red cheeks and even my camera is blurry because it's too cold!

All I can say is that I can't wait until the 15th when my sister in law Rachel, her boys and I get to go to Houston!!!  We can't wait to get out of this cold!!


Karen said...

Hope you don't lose power! Hoping same for us here in lower MI. The snow and wind have begun...actually at 5 instead of the predicted 7 PM.

Be safe and keep warm!