Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Classes in April

Hey ya'll!!
I'm coming to Houston in April and will be SUPER busy around the shop!  I'm teaching a bunch of classes and hope that you will join me!!  You can go to the website for more details and stop by the shop to sign up!!

Here is a list of classes/dates/times:

The Ruffle Quilt: The ruffles make this cute quilt! In this class you will learn how to use your ruffle foot for your sewing machine (if you don’t have one no biggie). By the end of class you should be able to finish the quilt top for the Ruffle Quilt. The Ruffle quilt is featured in the April 2011 issue of "Quilter's World" magazine!!  Dates: April 18th OR April 21st

Basic English Paper Piecing: Have you ever wanted to know how to make the traditional Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt? Learn how to do the English Paper Piecing technique! It is easy and addicting, plus you can take it with you where ever you go. It is a great hand technique. No sewing machine required.  Dates: April 14th OR April 19th

Cathedral Windows: In this class you will learn the Cathedral Windows technique using your sewing machine (if you are interested in learning how to do it by hand let me know and I can show you that as well). I will take you step by step to make Cathedral Windows using folding techniques with some tricks along the way to make it easier! Dates: April 21st OR April 23rd

Dresden Plate: In this class you will learn the traditional technique of the Dresden Plate with a modern twist. You will also learn how to echo quilt and by the end of class have a close to finished wall hanging. Dates: April 16th OR April 20th

Amy Butler's Stash & Dash Bags:  Dainty and practical. Pack lightly with this trio of compact bags and you're ready to go! In this class you will learn step by step how to make Amy Butler’s Stash & Dash Bags. You will learn how to install a zipper and complete the Large Toiletry Bag by the end of class. Finished size of bag 10” wide X 7” tall with a 5 ¾” handle on the side. Dates: April 15th OR April 19th

Amy Butler's Chelsea Bags: Modern, boxy tote and handbag that are reversible for your many moods. Clean lines and cool shapes make for an easy access bag with contemporary urban flair! In this class you will learn step by step how to make Amy Butler’s Chelsea Bags from her pattern. By the end of class, you will complete one of the smaller Handbag Size Chelsea Bags which are reversible. These make great bags to carry or you can even use them as storage bins around your home. Finished size of bag: 15” wide across top X 8” tall X 3” deep, 12” across bottom. Dates: April 18th OR April 22nd

If you don't see a time/date that works for you just email me at and we can schedule a private class OR just stop by the shop and come say hi!!  I can't wait to see ya'll and hope you're are having a great week!


AllieKatMom said...

When are you heading this way. Email me when you arent so busy and I can come by sometime.

Mari said...

My Dear!
I already got my current Quilter`s World and I took a Jill`s autograph. I need the yours now! :)
I am SO happy you are caming to Houston in April!!!
Miss you,