Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sweet Nyla!

LOTS of babies being born in the Mueller Family lately! Congratulations to my Sister-in-law Rachel and her husband Matt who welcomed Nyla Kathleen on February 19th!  She has two brothers, Xavier and Jordan, who I'm sure you recognize as I talk about them a lot on my blog!  Nyla and Jared are only five weeks apart! How fun is that going to be? I can't wait to watch them grow up together!
Here are some photos of my adorable niece and her two quilts!
Photo courtesy of her Mommy Rachel!

Here is the quilt that I made for Nyla!  Her nursery is sock monkey themed and this is the fabric that Rachel chose to go with it!  It's MoMo's Wonderland!  I stocked up and hoarded this fabric line from when it came out a few years ago just waiting until Rachel had a little girl because it reminded me so much of her! Doesn't Nyla look absolutely adorable on it?!?!

Here is the scrappy backing of her quilt!

And here are some closeups of the quilting that I did on her quilt!

Here is Nyla's second quilt that my Mom made for her!  My mom pieced the top and I quilted it for her!

This quilt is called Sugar and Spice and the pattern is available HERE! And if you would like the pattern ASAP, it's available in PDF form HERE!

Welcome to the family Nyla!


Splendorfalls said...

Welcome to Nyla! It's a baby fest over there! =)

Mari said...

Congrats, my dear, for your beautiful nice!!!
Kisses A LOT,