Friday, February 3, 2012


Sometime this week I will update my blog with all of the sewing I did for Christmas and the month before Jared was born.  For now I will just share a couple photos!

Jared will be three weeks old tomorrow (WOW that went by fast) and I finally got back into my sewing room today! YEAH!! It felt so good to sew again, and I was very thankful that he likes being in there with me! I embroidered this for my mom right before he was born and I finally finished making the block and framing it today!  So I thought I'd take a photo with my cute little man in it!

I also thought that I would share a couple more photos of my little boy just because I can :)
Here he is sitting up during tummy time, he was a little over one week old here...this boy is super strong!

And here is Jared looking at how handsome he is in the mirror in his crib!  Love him!

Hope ya'll have a great weekend!


Mary Grace McNamara said...

What a sweetie pie! Thanks for sharing pictures!


Kelly Smith said...

He is incredibly adorable! Enjoy all the baby snuggle time and get sleep when you can!

JustJoyce said...

Thanks for sharing.

Fausta said...

Your baby is so sweet.
Congratulations and I am sure that your mother will love the gift.
I hope that in november at the time of the Festival, I could meet you and your lovely son with my niece Mari.
Kisses and health for you and your family.

Miss Nancy said...

How sweet is this!?! Thank you for sharing.

Have a super great mommy day.