Friday, May 3, 2013

Angela Walters Panel Challenge

About a month or so ago, Angela Walters sent me her panel and some fabrics from her Textures line for Art Gallery Fabrics to come up with something. 
Before I show you what I came up with, make sure you stop by Angela's Blog to enter the Make it Right Panel Challenge yourself! There are lots of amazing prizes, including cash money!! Plus, I highly recommend buying her entire Textures line, the colors are gorgeous and there are some great prints!  Here are just a few of my favs...



Here is what the panel looks like:
 I decided to cut up the panel and turn all of the squares into something else. I made HST (half square triangles), log cabin blocks out of the rectangle pieces, sliced some in half and added more fabrics to them, etc...
Here is the finished quilt that I came up with:

(ignore the sloppy picture, the dog walked over the quilt and I was on a chair too lazy to straighten it, plus it's been raining ALL day and I wasn't able to go outside)
I have so much fun cutting this a part without any sort of plan and just randomly sew it back together. What was even more fun for me was quilting this.  I've been wanting to practice my feather quilting more, especially after I took Angela's free motion feathers class on Craftsy! I quilted a huge diagonal feather with some swirls around the feather.

Thanks to my assistant Ozzie!
Now go buy yourself one of Angela's panels and enter the Make it Right Challenge!


Brita said...

You and Ozzie did a great job! It really shows how much fun you had with your improv -- yay!

Qltr89 said...

It looks beautiful. It reminds me of a tall building with big, oversized windows and a street in front of or beside it. Nice! Also, when I saw the corner of your quilt was not flattened out, I knew right away your furry family member wanted to get in on the picture taking. My cat loves to walk across my quilt or play underneath it too.

Susan said...

I love it, but she used other fabric from the collection. For the contest we can only use the panel and the solids, right?