Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cherrywood Challenge

You might remember my post from back in February about the Ovarian Quilt Cancer Project, if you don't or need a refresher you can find my post HERE!
As part of the Ovarian Quilt Cancer Project, I'm participating in the Cherrywood Challenge again! What is that you ask? Well...
In 2011, Cherrywood Fabrics donated hand-dyed teal fabric which inspired the inception of the Cherrywood Challenge. Local quilters were invited to create original wall hangings using these fabrics.
Quilts were on display at the Quilt Guild of Greater Houston’s event at the Stafford Centre and on display at MD Anderson where employees, patients and visitors voted in person on their favorite Cherrywood Challenge quilt. Facebook Fans voted online and photos of each quilt were sent to Cherrywood Fabrics in a power point presentation for their professional vote.
We are proud to have Cherrywood Fabrics partner with us again for the 2013 Online Quilt Auction. 
They sent a Fat Eighth bundle with 8 different colors
The rules were:
    Use only Cherrywood fabrics with no more than 30% of other fabrics. Quilts can be of any shape, but the length + the width of the quilt cannot be less than 48 inches nor more than 120 inches. A round quilt cannot have a diameter greater than 40 inches. (Curator’s Note: any shape is acceptable, you can use scalloped edges and non-traditional designs, but the quilt must hang well from a sleeve with no other support or pins.)
    Here is what I came up with: I'm calling it Happy Trails

    I had a lot of fun Free Motion Quilting this!

    And here is what the back looks like, I just pieced what was left over.

    Hopefully this will help raise money for the Ovarian Quilt Cancer Project and help raise awareness!