Sunday, March 2, 2008

Feeling full today!

So now that I've had a few days to get used to my hair....I really like it! Especially when church started at nine and I got in the shower at 8:15, blow dried my hair, put makeup on and everything and had a few minutes to spare!! Definitely better than the 30 minutes it used to take just blow drying my hair! Jon and I went to Goehner, Nebraska which is about 10 miles from Seward, for the 51st annual Fire Dept. Spaghetti Feed. My boss bought us tickets and we met everyone there! Jon was full so you know it was good! My sweet little nephew Xavier turned 5 months old today! I can't believe he's already 5 months old! I miss him so much and can't wait until I see him again! Here is a recent picture of my cute little love bug! Love ya'll! Jamie