Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Jon had his first interview on Monday with Lutheran East in Cleveland, he said it went well, so we'll see. That's all we know with that business! Nothing new with me lately...
Our little Izzy wasn't feeling well lately and she is finally back to her crazy, hyper, spastic self! I guess that's about all I know!! Love ya'll!
I am putting this picture up of the cat at our vets office. He HAS to lay on my purse every time I'm there and he is the sweetest cat! His name his Herman and he is a very large yellow cat!! (Look at his huge paw)


Dana said...

something will come your way job wise. When I graduated I did not know where we were going until mid-june. In fact we went to Arkansas on our honeymoon to check out our home to be. I had the call at that point and had not offically accepted it. Kind of crazy.