Friday, April 6, 2012

Cathedral Windows Coaster Tutorial

Cathedral Windows Coasters Tutorial
Supplies: to make a set of four
4-8" squares
8-2" window squares
4-4" inner (peak-a-boo) squares
4-4" squares of batting (great for leftovers from quilts!)
Coordinating Thread

Follow the Cathedral Windows Basics Tutorial HERE including the sewing embellishment (peak-a-boo) using the size requirements listed below:
*Size Requirements for Cathedral Windows Coasters
4" solid squares
2" window squares
4" inner peak-a-boo squares

1. You will make single cathedral windows squares. 
The supplies above are to make four of them, but you can make as many as you wish.  I also played around with using printed fabric for my "solid squares" and love the look of them!

2. Before stitching, during the peak-a-book/embellishment step layer a square of batting between the folded square and fabric square.  Sorry I forgot to take a photo, but it's basically like making a quilt sandwich when you machine quilt.  Put the batting square underneath the fabric square of the same size!  Make sense?  The batting will make the coasters thicker and more absorbent for the condensation.

3.  Instead of using a straight stitch, I like to use a zig zag stitch on both sides to make them lay flat and be more sturdy. See photos:

I sew a zig zag stitch on both sides of the windows so they lay flat.  This will help glasses not fall over when you place them on top.

I love the back of the coasters, it looks like you quilted them!

Your coasters are finished, easy peasy and fast!  Don't forget to add photos to my Flickr Group or Link up below!!


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