Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Ok so it's 3 AM and I CANNOT sleep because I just saw this over on the united notions website and nearly had a heart attack (in a good way)! Yep, that's my ruffle quilt on the bottom row second from the left! I can't make the image any bigger yet...too tired to figure that out right now.  You can see it better by going here:
God Bless the entire Moda Company and the entire Moda Bake Shop Family!!  This just made my entire year!!  Thank you thank you thank you!
Jamie and the entire SunFlower Quilts Family


Ruby Blue Quilting Studio said...

Congrats Jamie!!!! Ilove your stuff and can't wait to see what you "cook up" on the Bake Shop next, isn't it fun?! Check out my project posted this morning. Congrats again, ttyl!

Mari said...

I am SO PROUD of you!!! You deserve all the Bake Shop do for you, because your projects are WONDERFUL!!!
I realy loved the English Paper Piecing Class. Now I can make you Hexagon Pouch!!!!!!!!
BIG Kisses,

cozy said...

congratulations!!! can't wait to meet you at STLMQG! :)