Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A spider and some sneak peaks

First, I would just like to say sorry for the long post...I haven't posted in over a week and I've been REALLY REALLY BUSY!
So I went outside to take a photo of my new quilt top and found this gigantic spiderweb with the spider right in the middle!  It's amazing how large this spiderweb is!  If you look closely at the photo you can totally see the web!

This is the reason I've been MIA for the past week or so....I have been working on Christmas presents (yes I know I'm sick and start Christmas presents early BUT I have a lot to get done and don't want to rush and the end).  I will not say who these presents are for.  Not all are for Christmas; one is for a baby shower (Katie) and one is a new Moda Bake Shop project that I will need to redo in a newer fabric line.

This is Ozzie laying on a pile of shirts that I'm cutting into.  I can probably talk about this one since I don't think Grandma Mueller will look at my blog.  My husbands Grandpa died in August and now his Grandma is in a nursing home.  I took a bunch of Grandpa's shirts and I am going to make a quilt out of them for Grandma's bed!  It's a surprise so any MUELLER that visits Grandma do not tell her please!  I will take photos along the way so ya'll can see!
I can talk about this quilt too because it's for me.  The fabric is Tula Pink's Plume and it's gorgeous.  I think this is the layout I've decided on.  I think I'm going to do a segment on choosing the right layout...what do you think? Does that interest you?

This one is obviously for our new nephew (to be born in November) This is just the back Katie so you will still be surprised :)

The last four photos are presents and one is my next Moda Bake Shop project.  I am not going to tell you which ones are which!  You'll just have to wait and see!!  Hope ya'll have a great day! 


Jodi said...

Thanks for sharing all that - I love it, especially the quilt for grandma - wonderful idea- she'll surely love that. And the baby quilt - I just finished one for my grandbaby to be born the beginning of November but didn't put a label because he doesn't quite have a name yet, but I love what you wrote on your label - perfect!