Monday, December 1, 2008

Day 3: Recovery

Sunday November 23rd

I FINALLY slept! I slept for 7 hours straight last night! Thank goodness-I needed a good night's rest badly! Around 8:30 Jon and mom helped me get stuff off. We got the big padding off the top of my shoulder and removed the bandages off my wounds to see my stitches! WOW! My wounds look great (as good as wounds can look after a couple days), I'm surprised they don't look worse because they aren't red or puffy or anything. I'm going to heal well I think. So we're standing in the bathroom and my mom can't watch too much so she takes pictures instead. Jon begins to take the pain pump out of my shoulder. He slowly pulls the 5-inch tubing out of the hole in my shoulder. It didn't hurt at first, but it stung for the last half of it coming out. Immediately after he pulled all of the pain pump out I became nauseous, dizzy and freezing cold. I had to sit down, since I was standing the entire time this was taking place. That was a crazy feeling-very strange. During this, Ozzie growled at my mom ( I think he was trying to protect me because he could tell I was in pain). It took me about an hour to start feeling better after that! Thank goodness for Jon, I couldn't have done this without him! So around 10:00 am I finally was able to shower!! The shower was difficult since I can't move my right dominant arm. Jon was really helpful-washed my hair and helped me scrub all the glue and tape off my arm and shoulder. I felt 100% better after finally being able to shower, being clean helps the healing process! Especially after 3 days of not showering! Then I came to the couch and mom was getting ready to leave : (. She left around 11;30 so she could get back to Houston before dark. It was so nice having her here and she was so helpful! After she left I took an hour nap. When I woke up Jon took me to the Christmas Bazaar at First English Church by Lutheran High. We went for an hour and that's all I could take for today. So we came home and I took another nap for two hours! The naps are very helpful! Not to mention Ozzie won;t leave my side since I've been home. He follows me where ever I go and is ALWAYS laying on me where I'm at! He is trying to help me feel better, it's so cute! My shoulder is pretty sore today since the pain pump is out and I have a feeling it's just going to get worse before it gets better! There is a lot of pulling and stiffness again tonight!


This is where they put the 3 huge shots for my nerve block!

What my gross bandages looked like before I took them off for the first time.

Right after Jon took my pain pump out!

Beginning process of pain pump taking out!