Friday, May 13, 2011

Awesome Quilt Along Week Five

This has been such a BUSY week and I'm ready to work on my Awesome Quilt!  Okay guys are ya'll ready for some top assembly??  I AM!  Now that Blogger is back and up and running, I can finally post this weeks steps!!  Here we go!


1. Sew three rows as follows:
one-14.5” stripe row THEN one square row THEN one-14.5” row.

-You should have three rows total like this. Press.

2. Sew six rows as follows:
one- 28” stripe row THEN one square row

-You should have six rows total like this. Press.

Next week is the last week to finish up our Awesome Quilt tops!! WOO HOO this has been so much fun!  What are ya'll thinking?  Do you want a quilting and binding tutorial??  Let me know! 
Don't forget to add your photos to the Flickr Group!!  See ya'll next week!


Terry said...

I'd love to see a quilting and bind tutorial. Maybe it will motivate me to actually finish my quilt. I have so many quilt tops that I need to finish.

free indeed said...

Yes! I'd like ideas for quilting/finishing the quilt. I'd love to have this finished (this year) anyway. I"m pretty sure I will, but I have company coming in June/July so those months are out for finishing.

Jackie Russell said...

I finished the first step last night. Still hoping to catch up. I would love to see some quilting options.

Anonymous said...

yes, please do a guilting/binding. I really struggle with the binding, no matter how much I practice.