Friday, May 6, 2011

The Awesome Quilt Along Week Four

Hey ya'll, we're already on week four can you believe it?! We will have two more weeks left and then your quilt top will be done!  If you're interested I will post a machine quilting and binding tutorial....I want to see how many of you are interested in a tutorial for those so let me know if you are!! As always, don't forget to post any photos during your quilt along process in my Flickr Group!!  Okay here is the next step!

3. Mix and Match your pieces and sew together as follows:

Sew three 14.5” pieces together six times. Sew three 28” pieces together six times.

-You should have 6- 14.5” stripe rows and 6- 28” stripe rows.

Woo hoo next week we will start top assembly!!  See ya'll then!


Miss Nancy said...

Thank you for the sew along, Jamie. Hope I can get caught up at the sew-in.

Have a super great sewing and stitching day.

Jackie Russell said...

Am I the only one that is still working on opening my Jelly Roll? Hope to catch up soon.

free indeed said...

I found this quilt along on Sat. I'm happy to report I'm am all caught up and anxiously awaiting the next installment. Even though it would be easy to just jump ahead, I'll be waiting for Friday to put the parts together. This will be my first coordinated quilt using fabrics from a single line jelly roll. I am anxious to see it together. I was making it for me, but the colors will fit in my daughter's new home, so I may gift it to her....I'll see if it is to her taste...:)

free indeed said...

Well, I couldn't resist! I had a little time this afternoon, so I put my top together...I'll get a picture up in the flickr pool once I get someone to hold it up for me.