Friday, May 13, 2011

Houston Fun!

Over the next week I will be posting LOTS of photos from all the classes I taught while I was in Houston for two weeks!  I had such a blast sewing with ya'll and can't wait to come back!!!  We always used the NEW Sewing Lounge at SunFlower Quilts and it made sewing/classes so much fun and easy with all the space and big tables we were able to use!
First up, my good friend and amazing quilter Mari and I made Amy Butler Gumdrop Pillows and they were so much fun!  Be sure to check out her blog...she's got a lot of good stuff going on over there!!  Mari made a Mickey Mouse pillow for her adorable son Daniel and I made a baseball one because my hubby and I LOVE baseball!

The first photo is what I used to stuff the Gumdrop Pillows that I made....I got a lot of questions about what I used so I made sure to get a photo! I bought the biggest bag I could find and ended up using one for the small pillow and two for the large pillow...hope that helps ya'll if you're making one!

Gotta love an action shot...thanks Dad ;)

LOTS of stuffing!

Mari and my Mom

Finished woo hoo!  These pillows are so much fun and a quick project!! 

Close up of the baseball topstitching I did!

Ozzie says the Gumdrop Pillow is a winner!! I love that little (well not that little) face!!

Check back tomorrow for more Houston Classes photos!


Mari said...

as you know, I do not my family here, so be with you and all of your family is just like to feel I am in home.
Thank you SO MUCH to be so special to me!!!
Love all pf you,

kelly said...

so much fun! i want to make one of those pillows.