Friday, April 29, 2011

Awesome Quilt Along Week Three

Hey ya'll....sorry for the late post...I just got back home from Paducah...ugh no more driving!  Ok let's get to the next steps!! Don't forget to post photos in the Flickr group!!
10. Sew three completed blocks together. Make sure the long 7 1/4” sides on top and bottom. See photo:

11. Repeat until you have nine complete rows.  Press.

1. Choose 18 JR strips and set aside the remaining JR strips for binding. (We chose all the strips that had patterns and set aside the solid strips for binding).

2. Cut the following from each of the 18 JR strips:
one- 14.5” piece
one- 28” piece

-You should have 18- 14.5” pieces and 18- 28” pieces.

Again, sorry it's late today!  See ya'll next week!  Can't wait to see more photos!


Miss Nancy said...

Thank you for step 3. I have some catch up to do. I am awaiting a jelly roll. I am bringing this to the sew-in day.

Have a super great sewing day.